Sunday, March 1, 2009
A Doctor's Note
For the past week, Tre` has been ill. Generally, he can kick a cold pretty easy but this time was a bit different. Everyday he got sicker. Vic wanted him to see the doctor on Saturday but I knew he needed to be seen ASAP. Something just wasn't right. On Friday, we took him to his pediatrician. He expressed great concern (however he always does which is more aggravating than anything.) He believed that Tre should go over to the local ER, he would call CHOP, and have an ambulance transfer him. I had to think about it because he has asked us to go to CHOP for a simple xray when he had a cold. We were SUPPOSED to wheeze passed triage and be seen by a doctor (at our ER). That wasn't the case. We went through triage...and I started flipping out...then he had a room and was instantly seen by a doctor. She did an exam, started him on antibiotics (she called CHOP), and did a chest xray. It was then that we realized that Tre` had pneumonia.

How could I have missed this. He was fine one day and next thing I know he was starting, what I believed, to be a cold. I feel so bad for him.

When we arrived to CHOP, we went over his full history up until Friday. By looking at his history, current events, and viewing the xray, they believed that he aspirated. It's possible that this DID start off as a cold. He may have vomited and since he cannot walk and barely pull himself up...he could have aspirated.

Right now, I'm able to use the Ronald McDonald House (we have a room) wireless connection or the hospitals computers (of course.) I'll update when I can.

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