Sunday, March 1, 2009
A Doctor's Note (Updated)
So his blood culture came back and it shows that Tre` has also been battling the flu. I wanted to hit the floor when they told me this. I may have died on the spot if I didn't know that he was doing so much better.

Earlier on he had dry diapers. They kept increasing his fluids but he just didn't pass urine. The doctor thought he may have had a UTI and informed us that they may have to cath (catheter) him if he doesn't pass urine. I pleaded with mine to "tinkle." I even pleaded with the doctor to give him a little more time. I mean an examination was torturous! I had to give him a chance! Then, you know me, I prayed. As the nurse prepared his vitals before the doctor wrote the orders, Tre` gave us a WET diaper! He even peed through overnight. Tre` the man with all the surprises. He was on oxygen, IV fluids, and hadn't spoken a word in three days. He was just miserable! Last night he perked up out of nowhere! He smiled for me, sat up, and said, "I want eat." I LMAO Seriously, Tre`. You scare the mess out of us and all you can think about is food?!?! I feed him and he happily ate. Today nurses and respiratory tech said all he wanted to do was talk about Elmo and laugh. If that wasn't enough he no longer required oxygen.

The doctors were so pleased with his speedy recovery that they will consider releasing him as early as tomorrow. We have a storm brewing and I'd feel more comfortable with my family closer to home. He's no allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald house during this trip because he's still battling the flu. There are children here with weak immune systems. So...if he IS discharged we have no where else to go but home. I just hope the snow has mercy on us and we can make a safe trip back home.

God has been so good to me!

Here's a pic (thumbnail) of him two days ago:

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