Saturday, March 7, 2009
School Daze
So Stinka Man is at the appropriate age to start school. It took a lot of convincing me because I still saw him as my baby and not my toddler. It's time to cut the strings and watch this child of mine do what he does best, strive.

We were given a few options for various schools. All of them were schools for special needs. After touring and turning my nose up I realized that Tre` doesn't need to be in these schools. He's delayed, speech issues, has a G-Tube (only used for administering medication and overnight continuous feeds), and he can't walk. The main factor is that he's delayed and maybe speech.

My belief is that they read his report and thought they would be enlisting a train wreck. Not knowing how quickly he catches on to things, counting to 20, saying (singing part) of the alphabet, and MUCH more. If he's directed he will go. My theory is that he will get a one on one (a teachers aide for himself), therapy, and that's all I can think of. This all can be provided by a public school. If additional therapies are needed, it can be done.

Its a shame that I had to explain that my child is not to be afraid of. He's not the 25 wker he was three years ago. He's a toddler that just needs a little help getting by. In my heart of hearts I believe all these things will pass. If it takes a year to 40 years, I'll be right here.

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