Monday, March 16, 2009
First Day of School
This was us celebrating the night before at Applebee's.

Victor better known as Tre` is growing up. Sigh

He loved school and they loved him back! He already made a friend and I can only imagine how many are to come. I opted out for busing. I wanted to take him to and from school for a while first.

We are currently working on getting him a gait trainer (walker) however his new PT would like to see him in use for a while. I don't care for too much because he's been on a "trial" for the longest. In day care he used their gait trainer for 2+ she wants to see him for 20 minutes. Urgh! Patience!

I am sooo proud of him. Yes, it's only preschool but I love it all the same. Today preschool tomorrow middle school. Middle school!!!!!!!!

Yeah...soooo...umm yeah he's a clown. Don't ask me why he decided to put a diaper on his head.

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