Monday, February 26, 2007
Never Give Up! Never Let Go! Don't Hold Back!
Well I'm not even sure where to begin with this blogged but I promised myself that I won't be too long. Tre` is still growing like a weed. His last weigh in was 23lbs and 10oz. I personally think the scale was off because his pediatrician's scale is always different from his many specialist that follow him. He has an appointment at CHOP tomorrow and I'm almost certain they will weigh him. There has been talk of a possible calorie change and/ or formula change but I don't think this particular doctor has convinced the rest of Tre's team...including his momma! It's still up in the air though. I can't get over the fact that he's so big now. I find myself leaning against something when I hold him for long periods of time! He can in fact give you a workout!!!

Vic and I requested his bili levels to be checked because they haven't been done since October and it was music but weird to hear the doctor say, "Dwana, all of his levels are normal!!! This is amazing! I know you're happy but I'm happy as well." Everything after that was a blur because I was in shock! His (bili) liver was so damaged that his doctor spoke of a possible transplant and now to hear normalcy. They said it was impossible but I have to say NOTHING is impossible with God!!!

On July 27th 2006, Tre` went into respiratory distress. I remember that date because it is Vic and I anniversary. He was in need for so much support on the ventilator that days later a doctor told me he'd never get off his trach and he'll never be on low setting. I took one look at him and gave him a half smile. Oh sure, he thought I had to be crazy but the truth is I didn't care. I just said, "you don't know this boy." Before he could open his mouth, I just put up my hand and walked over to my Stinka Man. "They're always talking about what they know. What they THINK they know." From that moment it was just me and him in that room. The doctor said nothing else. He just left.

Tre` has been weaned dramatically since that date and you know what, I don't even have that "I told you so" mentality. It's not that I'm that type of person, I believe it was my first real walk with Christ. I can't explain it and I'm not going to try to either. All I know, and I tell all the lovely ladies of Preemie parent, these doctors were given jobs. Just jobs. They don't have the final say in ANYTHING. It took me a while to get there but it took me living it to understand.

The doctors said a lot of NEVER but I'm here to testify that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST. He's laughing (oh boy can he laugh), playing, sitting up (I plan to post a video or image of him sitting up on a later date), and much more. If I believed what many of these doctors told me I wouldn't be here writing this blog.

I'm now from 16, down to eight hours a day for nursing. It has it good and bad advantages. Lets start with the good. I have my house to myself for 16 hours! I can walk around however I want and I can have uninterrupted family time. The downside is that we use the 8 hours of nursing for an overnight shift. During the day I'm home going nuts because I can't take a breather, leave the house, or run errands. Until he kicks the vent for good and were in the clear of RSV season, this is what it is. My longest streak was four days in doors.
Yeah, I can always leave when Vic gets home but I'll be so tired and stressed I
just stay in. With saying all this, I STILL wouldn't ask for more nursing care. I'm going to deal with this!

Now, there is a lot more to update but I have
my hands full.

Taken 2/25

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