Thursday, December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas
So maybe I shouldn't laugh but this was too funny! This is his second visit with Santa this year. *sigh* Last year wasn't a problem. All of a sudden he's terrified of Santa. More pictures and updates are on the way!

From our family to yours Merry Christmas!!!


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Monday, December 22, 2008
Too Attached or Too Involved????
I have NO idea about the thoughts that cross peoples mind. Remember Tre` is supposed to get his leg braces, right? He was fitted for them at therapy (an actual building specializing in PT, ST, OT, etc.) It was done there because the tech makes his normal rounds in that facility. So, one of the nurses from his daycare accompanied him as per facility rules. There was no reason for us to be at the fitting since everything was discussed prior to.

Apparently, within the following days, the tech was placing his order and the nurse took it upon herself to order an army fatigue print. Army Fatigue? Seriously? I was so vexed; Victor had to talk to her. She said, she thought that they were cute and she’s seen him in army fatigue print before. OK…? I would have NEVER ordered army fatigue. It’s bad enough he has to wear the blasted things but now that are OUT THERE IN HE OPEN!!! I would have ordered black. At least black matches pretty much his whole wardrobe. I can’t see army fatigue with everything.

I swear when people make (or try to make) decisions for you it ticks me off. Unless asked, thy can keep their suggestions or recommendations. She drove me an hour pass crazy. It’s not like he gets more than one pair. He’s stuck with these until they are no longer needed, completed damaged, or he’s outgrown them. She didn't even have the respect to call and ask. I didn’t know he was placing the color order nor was I told.

Maaaaybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I’m not. When it comes to decisions about MY child, I take it to heart (friend, relative, nurse, or otherwise.) Remember he was in the hospital for so long and most of the time I was told when and what I can do. He’ll be 3 in January but it still strikes a nerve!

There will be more pictures to come. Santa…we’re going to have to try that again. Tre`….doesn’t’ care for the jolly man too much. He had an emotional breakdown. LOL
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Monday, December 15, 2008
So as Tre` approaches 3, it will be time for him to start school. He’s been doing very well with everything. However, I’m having a few issues with him going into the school system.

I have to accept the fact that he’s not attending “regular” school. He’d be in a school formulated for children up to 21, with special needs. Victor and I will have the opportunity to view this school (s) inside and out. One school in particular was “recommended” by the public school’s social worker. This past Thursday we were able to visit the school. From the outside it seems fine.

The person (an office manager) conducting our tour boosted about their efficient security on campus. I was unfortunately able to find a few flaws. Now while a lot of schools don’t have security of any kind, I just didn’t like the fact that it was brought up as the best thing since sliced bread. They have a security booth outside manned by one “guard.” It’s nice to see but there was so many imperfections with that….I don’t want to get into it. The school has cameras inside every classroom. Parents are able to go onto school grounds to view their child in his/ her classroom with our disrupting any lessons being taught. Now my issue with that is, who’s watching the rooms when the parents aren’t there? Of course I asked and she said it would be her or someone like her watching the videos. Here’s my issue with that…can’t see ANYONE sitting in front of a screen looking at up to 100 classrooms at a time ESPECIALLY an office manager. It just takes a second for something to happen.

There are only two nurses per building. I’m not at all comfortable with that. In this school, you’ll find children and adults that suffer from seizures, breathing problems, and other issues that might require emergent care. What if someone is having a seizure on one side of the school (which is huge), another child is receiving medication, and MY child is in need of assistance?

When we were in one of the possible classrooms Tre` would be in, I noticed five adults in the room. One woman was sitting at a desk with her back to us and the students; two women dressed in scrubs were at a sink. They appeared to be preparing snacks for themselves. Not a problem. The last two women were in “street clothing” singing and teaching the children. In a whole, the setup struck me as odd. I learned that the woman at the desk (that didn’t have the decency to turn around to introduce herself) was their teacher and the other women were her assistances of some sort.

After watching them interact with the children, I asked if they hire people off the street. The answer is yes but it was quickly avoided the original question by informing us that they do a criminal background check on everyone. That’s great! Ummm you don’ have to have a “record” to be a criminal. That just means they have never been arrested/ caught. Then I asked if they (the employees) are required to take a drug test. She said she didn’t know. Yeah right. She knew so much about the school, the security system, and about staff but she didn’t know if they did drug testing. Are you serious? That turned me off. I would be more comfortable if she said, “no.” I know you should never judge people but some of the staff looked “suspect.”

There were a few other issues I had but you get it. I told the social worker that the search is still on. We’re talking about Tre` here. We’re not just settling.

We also have the opportunity to keep him in daycare for a bit longer. He will have all his therapies (more than he has now) and we (Victor, Tre`, and I) are comfortable with where he is now. Tre` has a habit of “shutting down” with people he doesn’t know. He’s had a nurse for about a year and he’s NEVER eaten for her. He obviously has a comfort thing and I don’t know if taking that away from him is best, particularly while he’s doing so great. Maybe a smaller environment would be better? I don’t know. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Until the then the search sill lives on…..
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