Tuesday, March 17, 2009
M-I-C See You Real Soon
So we are preparing for a family vacation to Florida during the first week of May. I am “worried” how he will react to the Disney characters. He doesn’t care for people dressed in costumes. He does like large stuffed animals for that matter. I wish I knew how to better prepare him for it.

I took him to Kmart this week. As soon as I seen the Mickey and Minnie Easter lawn decorations, I instantly took him closer. The first thing he said was, “I don’t want it!” Goodness this is going to be interesting.
I don’t want to ruin his vacation but I also want him to face his fears….

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Monday, March 16, 2009
First Day of School
This was us celebrating the night before at Applebee's.

Victor better known as Tre` is growing up. Sigh

He loved school and they loved him back! He already made a friend and I can only imagine how many are to come. I opted out for busing. I wanted to take him to and from school for a while first.

We are currently working on getting him a gait trainer (walker) however his new PT would like to see him in use for a while. I don't care for too much because he's been on a "trial" for the longest. In day care he used their gait trainer for 2+ hours...now she wants to see him for 20 minutes. Urgh! Patience!

I am sooo proud of him. Yes, it's only preschool but I love it all the same. Today preschool tomorrow middle school. Middle school!!!!!!!!

Yeah...soooo...umm yeah he's a clown. Don't ask me why he decided to put a diaper on his head.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009
School Daze
So Stinka Man is at the appropriate age to start school. It took a lot of convincing me because I still saw him as my baby and not my toddler. It's time to cut the strings and watch this child of mine do what he does best, strive.

We were given a few options for various schools. All of them were schools for special needs. After touring and turning my nose up I realized that Tre` doesn't need to be in these schools. He's delayed, speech issues, has a G-Tube (only used for administering medication and overnight continuous feeds), and he can't walk. The main factor is that he's delayed and maybe speech.

My belief is that they read his report and thought they would be enlisting a train wreck. Not knowing how quickly he catches on to things, counting to 20, saying (singing part) of the alphabet, and MUCH more. If he's directed he will go. My theory is that he will get a one on one (a teachers aide for himself), therapy, and that's all I can think of. This all can be provided by a public school. If additional therapies are needed, it can be done.

Its a shame that I had to explain that my child is not to be afraid of. He's not the 25 wker he was three years ago. He's a toddler that just needs a little help getting by. In my heart of hearts I believe all these things will pass. If it takes a year to 40 years, I'll be right here.

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Friday, March 6, 2009
We're Baaack!
So Tre` is home and everything has subsided...kind of. The antibiotics does not agree with his stomach. Explosive. No warning, no scent. It's just clear one minute and flooded the next. He's able to resume all activities.

Before he was hospitalized his day care sent a review form. While I always gave them high marks they were skating on thin ice. I told them how I didn't appreciate a nurse making decisions that a parent should make (the leg brace.) I also told them my other issues. So the day he returned the day care called saying that his doctors note cannot be accepted due to the fact that the notes was signed by a nurse. Really? I never had that issue before. HUmm... Then his bus driver informed me that he could not return the next day because he had a fever of 101.5 and was given Tylenol to lower his temp. OK, I'm going to make it plain. Tre` does NOT get tempts. While he was hospitalized and the time leading up to it he NEVER sparked a temp. NEVER. How ironic. It's also ironic how he was so energetic and ready to eat when he got home. I don't think that he had a temperature and neither does his dad.

We are working frantically to get him out of there. Stay tuned for updates.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Doctor’s Note (Updated Again)
Tre` has been doing so well that the team decided to discharge him. He was able to tolerate room air (no oxygen), weaned fluids, and being active.

So it appears that this started from the flu. When he coughed it gagged him and he would vomit. Being that he can’t walk or pull himself up quickly, the doctors suspect that he swallowed some of his vomit and that’s what cause the pneumonia.

There’s no question as to how he got sick. I could never understand why some people send their children to school (intentionally.) I understand wholeheartedly that these days and times are hard and people need to work. However, when you put your child and other children’s life in danger…you’re an idiot.

I’ve seen children at school coughing with a snotty nose. Seriously? Whenever I see children that appear to be sick, I inform the staff that he/ she will NOT interact with Victor (Tre`.)

Pennsylvania got a few feet of snow…from what I understand my area (in NJ) got 12+ inches…..

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Sunday, March 1, 2009
A Doctor's Note (Updated)
So his blood culture came back and it shows that Tre` has also been battling the flu. I wanted to hit the floor when they told me this. I may have died on the spot if I didn't know that he was doing so much better.

Earlier on he had dry diapers. They kept increasing his fluids but he just didn't pass urine. The doctor thought he may have had a UTI and informed us that they may have to cath (catheter) him if he doesn't pass urine. I pleaded with mine to "tinkle." I even pleaded with the doctor to give him a little more time. I mean an examination was torturous! I had to give him a chance! Then, you know me, I prayed. As the nurse prepared his vitals before the doctor wrote the orders, Tre` gave us a WET diaper! He even peed through overnight. Tre` the man with all the surprises. He was on oxygen, IV fluids, and hadn't spoken a word in three days. He was just miserable! Last night he perked up out of nowhere! He smiled for me, sat up, and said, "I want eat." I LMAO Seriously, Tre`. You scare the mess out of us and all you can think about is food?!?! I feed him and he happily ate. Today nurses and respiratory tech said all he wanted to do was talk about Elmo and laugh. If that wasn't enough he no longer required oxygen.

The doctors were so pleased with his speedy recovery that they will consider releasing him as early as tomorrow. We have a storm brewing and I'd feel more comfortable with my family closer to home. He's no allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald house during this trip because he's still battling the flu. There are children here with weak immune systems. So...if he IS discharged we have no where else to go but home. I just hope the snow has mercy on us and we can make a safe trip back home.

God has been so good to me!

Here's a pic (thumbnail) of him two days ago:

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A Doctor's Note
For the past week, Tre` has been ill. Generally, he can kick a cold pretty easy but this time was a bit different. Everyday he got sicker. Vic wanted him to see the doctor on Saturday but I knew he needed to be seen ASAP. Something just wasn't right. On Friday, we took him to his pediatrician. He expressed great concern (however he always does which is more aggravating than anything.) He believed that Tre should go over to the local ER, he would call CHOP, and have an ambulance transfer him. I had to think about it because he has asked us to go to CHOP for a simple xray when he had a cold. We were SUPPOSED to wheeze passed triage and be seen by a doctor (at our ER). That wasn't the case. We went through triage...and I started flipping out...then he had a room and was instantly seen by a doctor. She did an exam, started him on antibiotics (she called CHOP), and did a chest xray. It was then that we realized that Tre` had pneumonia.

How could I have missed this. He was fine one day and next thing I know he was starting, what I believed, to be a cold. I feel so bad for him.

When we arrived to CHOP, we went over his full history up until Friday. By looking at his history, current events, and viewing the xray, they believed that he aspirated. It's possible that this DID start off as a cold. He may have vomited and since he cannot walk and barely pull himself up...he could have aspirated.

Right now, I'm able to use the Ronald McDonald House (we have a room) wireless connection or the hospitals computers (of course.) I'll update when I can.

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