Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas

Well, I have been slacking with this blog, huh? Anywho. Christmas Eve was spent with at my in-laws house. His grandparents were so amazed by how much he's able to do! We had a great time. I watched proudly knowing that he can do a lot more but being that he hasn't seen them in a while he wasn't as “open” as he would be around more familiar faces. He sat up, rolled front to back and back to front, ate, played, “talked” (saying mom, dad, bye, and babbles), made attempt to crawl, imitates “So Big” by putting his hands over his head, peek-a-boo, clapping, blowing kisses, and his new talent! He can stand...kind of. I'd sit on the floor and stand him between my legs while he'd lean on me or hold himself up by grasping my neck or shoulders. He's using his legs!

We had another “Santa” Visit this year, too. No knock at the door or ringing of the doorbell like last year. Victor just noticed that there was something in the door. No return address or name, just Santa. We are so grateful. Thank God for angels!

His OT recommended that I contact Tre's neurologist. She said she's concerned about the “tone” in his legs. I would have to ask that she goes into detail because she was extremely brief and called my phone.

The therapist gets me so agitated sometimes! First they say that I'm working him too hard and how Tre` should learn to play alone. Then they make it seem as though I'm not doing enough. Last evaluation for example. The evaluation stared at 2 or so, Tre` came back from daycare at around 4p, when he gets back I give his meds, cuddle with him (because I miss him and the only reason he's in this medical daycare is because w don't have any nursing), and by 5 he's suppose to start his tube feeding (as per doctors orders). Most of he time he's so pooped from playing at daycare and the trip home he wants to nap. Well! Se starts questioning his play times. “So, when do you guys play?” “Umm generally after daycare if he's up to it. We slow it up from about 5-7 because he's getting his tube feeds.” We don't like to over work him while he eating because of his reflux. “Then he plays alone or one of us while we get him ready for bed.” She give a, “Oh.” Then she moves onto, “Mom you need to loosen up his trach ties, they are too tight.” “No they aren't why would you say that? Only two fingers are supposed to fit in. No o mention he has such a short trach you don't want it to slip out.” It was then that I realized SHE was the reason his trach had came out. She must have been loosening them up and no one at the day care stopped her or checked at all. Both times the ties were extremely loose so I automatically blamed his nurses for not properly securing them. Hey, it's a possibility, I'm just saying.

So his dietitian recommended yoBaby for re` and he absolutely LOVES the stuff. I love it for him, too. I seen the other kiddie yogurt and they're full of sugars and dyes. That may be ok when he's older and would like it as a snack but no time at the present. The six-pack runs about $4.99 and is NEVER on sale...well not that I seen. The site has coupons somewhere but I can't get them to print. Grrr!

We see ENT (ears, nose, and throat or Otolaryngology) in two days. Not liking that!

His OT (occupational therapist) would like Tre` to play with different toys. She specifically asked for toys that he'd pull (instead of the very common push a button lights and sounds bit) or turn. I have NO IDEA where or what I'm looking for. I've seen stirring wheels but I'm not sure if that's where she was aiming.

Merry Christmas Everybody! I'll try to get new pictures and stats soon. Someone turns 2 on the 6th! Keep those prayers coming!

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Monday, December 3, 2007
Oz Has Spoken!
When we got there we had no idea where to go and who to speak with. From the administration department we were tagged (parents get hospital bands) and sent to the PICU. We were hoping that he didn't have to share a room because of germs and privacy issues and to our surprise (prayers LOL) he was in a single room. The nurse assigned to Tre had no idea why he was there nor did the Attending Physician. Awkwwwward! We explained or situation and gave a history then quickly started settling in. The doctor came in to alert me that she had NO idea that we were coming and needed a little time to investigate. Just as I started to undress him into comfortable lounge wear a nurse came in to let me know that he was in the wrong area of the hospital. So I redressed and stuffed the rest of is things in his bags and went to the other end of the hospital.

I have to admit, once we got settled in I wasn't worried for a bit. I don't think I was being cocky or anything but come on here, this IS Tre` here. LOL Just kidding. Vic and I felt confident that he'd pass this test because he has been doing so well.

So initially he was supposed to go in on the 27th and come back home on the 29th. The doctor was concerned because he was coughing and wheezing a lot in the morning (which is so typical for Tre whether he's on or off the ventilator.) so he decided to keep him for one more day. It wasn't something Vic and I expected but being that they don't care for him day after day we understood.

We were anxious to finally get him back home so when we got to the hospital we expected to pack up and go...until his nurse said, “so, the doctor might want to keep him one more day.” “No, he isn't! Why?!” Sh said the doctor wanted to watch him because he received three albuterol treatments for wheezing. “Okay soooooooo what has he been doing DIFFERENT from the time we walked him the door? I want to speak to whomever thought he was staying another day.” That person never came. However his pulm did. He thought he was okay to go a long time ago. Apparently the doctor didn't want to speak to b directly so he discharged him and sent his pulm for discharge orders. Tre` has a bit of a cold which can account for SOME of his coughing and wheezing. Staying in the hospital wouldn't change that because he showed everyone he can handle it without crashing.

In the end, he did great! Tre` is still of course trached but o longer vented. Our next step is to visit ENT December 27 (I remember the date because it was the day I went onto bed rest).

He's down three pounds because SOMEONE was stubborn and wouldn't eat anything by mouth for his nurses. That's another story!


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