Saturday, April 11, 2009
New Diagnoses...New Way of Living?
What does this mean?

So we went for his feeding evaluation yesterday. He still has a delay with eating. I've tried as many tips and tricks that I can think of but he's still having problems with solids. Each time he gets a new therapy team, feeding is always their last priority. I had to take matters into my own hands to get him set up with a new therapist for feeding.

IIt wasn't a good day. As luck may have it he wasn't quit himself. He may be coming down with a cold and/ or he woke up early (4a - 5a)talking to his friends (Elmo, Ernie, etc.) He was extremely lethargic and not in the mood for much. I didn't want to push him but I needed them to see something and hear our concerns. One concern is chewing. He doesn't chew and I'm worried about him choking, not at the "correct texture" for his age, and not receiving the proper nutrition.

During his feeding he gagged a little. I think it was due to his coughing (he was congested). Needless to say they want him to get a modified swallow study to be safe. Not a problem. I would much rather get this done and over with so we can have an updated record.

After the evaluation the developmental pediatrician examined him. She determined that he showed signs of cerebral palsy. We were instructed to get a follow up with a specialist for a new care plan.

Those words sent a chill down my spine but despite this prognosis I have a sense of relief (at least for now....) It answers a lot of questions; mainly why he isn't walking. Sadly, though we have something else to add to his list...however cerebral palsy may counter a few. Humm?

While many questions are being answered it brings another: Why hasn't this been seen before? Need more resources....

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