Thursday, August 21, 2008
I Feel Like We're Starting Over. No Do Overs

So Tre` is having a bit of a set back with eating. Since his surgery he’s been relying mostly on tube feeds. There’s no pain or anything it’s totally behavioral and annoying. He’d eat yogurt but fight to eat the other food groups. Uurgh! This reminds me of how kids would rather eat candy or junk food instead of a healthy meal.

Initially, he couldn’t tolerate oral feeds because his throat was very tender. Now it’s as if were starting all over again. I have NO idea what to even do. Well that's a lie, I do. It's just back to square one and not allowing him to get over like everyone else (daycare.) Mommy don't play!

We’re getting new therapist and may leave EI alone all together. That’s still in the works. Our PT therapist is inexcusable. She's supposed to be a supervisor but she sucks as my sons therapist. He hasn't done ANYTHING with her. Yes, I could always switch therapist but I'm having other issues with EI. Hey, I might end up switching PT and providing Tre` with outpatient therapy since it's covered under our insurance. We're not 100% on keeping EI since we haven't wreaked any benefits lately. I’ll update that when it’s definite.

Are you sitting down? Tre` had his first kiss this week. Some little girl named Harmony grabbed his cheeks and planted on right on his mouth. Of course I was beyond upset because of diseases and germs but his nurses thought that was the funniest or cutest thing they saw. (Putting my head down) Yes, I did talk to him about the birds and the bees, and how he should wait, and protection. Whatever! LOL

I’m going to set up an appointment with ENT tomorrow to see when we can set up another capping. I’ll update that as well.

Here’s my brown Harry Potter.

Hey Four Eyes

He actually keeps them on

I want him to be Harry Potter for Halloween
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